Join our International Periodontology course in Zagreb next May. Don’t miss it!

22 April 2021

Periocampus International is about to start: from the 20th till the 22nd of May we will land to Zagreb, Croatia, with our Periodontology intensive course. We are glad to take our dentists and oral hygienists into this journey!


During three entire days, our renowed teachers Filippo Graziani and Cristiano Tomasi will held Periocampus International: a full immersion course focusing on non-surgical periodontal therapy. The course is built for experienced and unexperienced clinicians- both dentists and oral hygienists- that want to build upon their knowledge and further practice their dexterity.

The Periocampus method, known as Case-Based Interactive Learning, includes hands-on practical training and and in-vivo practices, as our main goal is to empower clinicians to apply what they’ve took from the course the moment they get back to their patients in their dental practice.


For this edition, we chose the beautiful city of Zagreb, in Croatia. Amadria Park Hotel will be the setting of our journey. As part of the program, in addition to exercises and practical cases, we wil host the “Company challenge”: different companies will present their products and how to use them daily into your clinical practice. Periocampus means exchange and mutual growth. Periocampus is Passion and this is what we do.


Only few seats left for this edition. Join now!

During each campus phase we will respect the restrictive measures against Covid-19, guaranteeing distancing and safety, fundamental prerequisites of Periocampus International.  The Periocampus family continues growing and we are very proud to be part of it. Join our community!

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