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Periocampus International

It is a full-immersion theoretical and practical course focusing on surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy.


- 3-days stay in a 4* Hotel
- One Tuscan Dinner
- One evening with Italian wine tasting
- One evening with italian aperitivo

learning objectives


  • You will be able to diagnose and understand each periodontal clinical case and autonomously set and conduct the correct non-surgical treatment;
  • You will understand when & why surgery is necessary;
  • You will learn how to choose the appropriate type of surgery & how to perform it, through practical hands-on sessions.


  • Screen and understand each periodontal clinical case and autonomously set and conduct the appropriate non-surgical treatment;
  • Understand how to perform subgingival instrumentation;
  • Focus on ultrasonics and treatment of furcations;
  • Learn how to motivate patients to change their habits and lifestyle.

professional audience

This course is appropriate for those that are novel to Periodontology, but also intended for experienced clinicians, which will build upon their knowledge and further practice their dexterity through innovative and unique hands-on practicals of the Periocampus method.

The course is suitable for both dentists and dental hygienists and therapists.


DAY 1  & DAY 2:

DENTIST AND DENTAL HYGIENIST follow together theoretical lectures and extensive practical sessions, on models as well as in-vivo. In this first part you will improve your periodontal clinical reasoning, decision-making and manual action. You will be able to diagnose and understand each periodontal clinical case and autonomously set and conduct the correct non-surgical treatment around teeth.


DENTIST will follow their dedicated journey, where the main focus will be on periodontal surgical techniques and their practical applications, working on models and simulators.

DENTAL HYGIENIST, will understand and refine management skills regarding patient susceptibility and motivation, together many hours of instrumentation techniques on implants, furcations.

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Course program

The course starts with a comprehensive outlook of “Periodontology” and the patient all together with Professor Graziani. Next, you will find a theorical part about “diagnosis”, followed by the first practical lesson where you will work in “pre-clinical exercises”.

After lunch, the class will be divided into 3 groups, each of them will follow respectively the following lessons: “The new classification”, “Clinical Charting” or “Clinical Exercises”.

Time to know each other better… We go out all together for an aperitif!

You will start the morning following the two remaining lessons out of the 3 you started the previous day (“The new classification”, “Clinical Charting” and “Clinical Exercises”), together with the same group you were with the day before.

After lunch, the entire group will be this time divided in 2 small teams that will follow separately the following lessons: “Non-surgical therapy” or “Instrumentation – Manual dexterity ”.

Time to visit the city and enjoy dinner all together!

Last, but always complete day. Do we really know how to talk to the patient? We will start the day all together learning how to “Motivate and Communicate” with the patient.

Afterwards, we will split again in the same 2 groups from the previous day and we will continue learning about “Rationale Non-surgical therapy – Case based learning” and improving our “Instrumentation” techniques.

Lunch will be followed by a deep journey into “Perimplantitis” and “Periomedicine”. We will end-up the course with an interesting lesson about “Management of Periodontal Patients in the Private Practice”.

We hope you have enjoyed the course and to see you soon!


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