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Build your knowledge, develop manual skills and grow confidence in making clinical decisions

Your full-immersion course in periodontology: Surgical and Non-Surgical Periodontal treatment
21-22-23 NOVEMBER 2024

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Periocampus course
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The course introduces you to the unique Periocampus method of education in periodontology.
It is a full-immersion theoretical-practical course, building a strong foundation for your clinical periodontal practice. It is dedicated to dentists and dental hygienists.

Case-based, interactive learning.

Periocampus adopts the case-based interactive learning method and teaches the exclusive EASE® method for periodontal instrumentation. The tailored programme aims to increase confidence and gain competence in diagnosing periodontal diseases, setting up a treatment plan and carrying out a correct subgingival instrumentation. 

Rely on our teachers experience
Internationally-renowned teachers and speakers will spark a passion for education in periodontology and accompany you in your Periocampus journey, each step at a time.
Filippo Graziani
University of Pisa, UCL London

The Campus is just the beginning. Join the Periocampus Alumni, an influential network connecting all former Periocampus participants and an incentive for continuing professional development and education in Periodontology.

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Hundreds of clinicians have joined us. Find out why.


“It was a highly satisfying experience and the fact of staying in touch with the professors and other members of the group even after Periocampus is really priceless.”

“The quality and organization of teaching itself is impeccable and of an adequate level to the expectations that might arise considering the clinicians who teach the course.”
“Periocampus experience gave me the fundamental skills to become a competent professional in the 360-degree management of the periodontal patient.”

“Periocampus courses are a dedication to my profession and to the love I have for periodontology.”


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