Gum Health Day 2022 & Gingival Inflammation

12 May 2022
clinici Periocampus che sondano un paziente

“Treat your gums,” is the slogan of the Gum Health Day 2022 campaign.

How many times your patient told you “My gums are sore and swollen…’’?…and

what do you say?

Mild localized gingival inflammation is reported to affect almost 95% of the population, but this is a misleading picture of the case definition of gingivitis.

Gingivitis is identified whenever there are at least 10% of bleeding sites with no probing depths > 3 mm.

A periodontitis case cannot be simultaneously defined as a gingivitis case, therefore inflammation and gingivitis are two sides of the same coin.

Have you ever reported these symptoms?

  • Bleeding gums (metallic/altered taste);
  • Pain (soreness);
  • Halitosis;
  • Difficulty eating;
  • Swollen Red Gums; 
  • Reduced oral health-related quality of life.

What would you tell your patient in these situations?

The majority of patients would receive such an answer answer…
’’Yes you are a little bit inflamed, use some mouthwash…’’
What would a dentist or a dental hygienist interested in Perio do instead of this?

Make the difference…
As Filippo Graziani always says : 
‘’All periodontitis cases have been gingivitis but not all gingivitis cases will become periodontitis’’…
Are you ready to answer like a Periodontist?

So treat your patient’s gums and look beyond!